Reasons to Buy a Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip are the hottest Android devices on the market today. These two devices bring into the smartphone market, something that consumers love, a foldable smartphone.

While these two are on the highest price range, Samsung has produced so many phones in the Galaxy Series, including the S, Note, M, and A. All these have many benefits over iPhones, Blackberries, and other competitors.

Today, Samsung is Apple’s biggest competitor when it comes to smartphones. There are many reasons to buy a Samsung Galaxy instead of an iPhone. Since the disaster witnessed with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has streamlined its engineering process to create excellent Galaxy phones.

Buy the Brand

Samsung, unlike Apple, has a wide array of other devices and home appliances, including cookers, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, fans, computers, tablets, and many more. If you plan to create a smart home, it is easier to link a Samsung Galaxy to these other devices and appliances than it is with any other phone. Although Apple also has a couple of appliances, Samsung is more established in the home appliances sector.

Water Resistance

The Galaxy S7 was the first water-resistant phone. Since then, Samsung has made water resistance a standard feature for all its phones. Although other phone manufacturers joined the water-resistance-bandwagon, it was Samsung that first introduced the feature. You do not have to replace the phone that falls in the water.

Expandable Storage

Instead of buying an expensive iPhone just because of its storage, why not buy an affordable Samsung Galaxy and expand the storage? Most Samsung Galaxy phones allow you to expand storage up to 128GB. This way, you never have to worry about running out of space or paying a hefty price to have enough storage space.

App and UI Customization

iPhones are Samsung's gravest competitors. However, Android beats iOS in app and UI customizations. You may not like some of the apps pre-installed on your Samsung Galaxy, but you can always choose the apps you need. While iOS allows users to customize their apps today, Samsung gives you full control for exceptional user experience.

Besides the apps, you can change the TouchWiz interface on the Samsung Galaxy. If you need a simple interface change, download one from Google Play Store. You can also root your device back to a simple stock Android interface.

Fantastic Design with Impressive Display

Apple has managed to hook customers with their beautiful designs. Samsung is on high-gear to produce phones whose designs attract customers. While most smartphones, including iPhones, have had a slim bezel design, Samsung was the first to produce a bezel-less phone.

The display on Samsung Galaxy is impressive; it is one of the many benefits and reasons to buy a Galaxy. The display is clear with vibrant colors. Better yet, the display is responsive and feels great to touch.

Samsung Galaxy Phones are Affordable

Even with all the great features, design, display, device and appliances integration, and much more, Samsung Galaxy phones are still cheaper than most iPhones. This is one of the reasons to buy Samsung. It is also the reason why most students love Samsung.