Low Income Senior Living

If you are at an impasse and know you or your loved one can no longer live alone, you might want to consider moving into a retirement community. However, if you aren’t sure whether this is the right option for you, we suggest you look into the huge variety of different senior living options, even if your income is low.

Here we give you 4 tips to help you make your decision easier. Keep in mind that not all communities are expensive, and there are options to help you meet the costs.

What to Consider

1. Possible Lower Living Costs

Monthly expenses can be unpredictable, and they can add up. Utility bills, taxes, food. In contrast, if you are eligible for low cost retirement community living these costs may be much lower than what you have been paying for maintenance and upkeep of your or your love one’s home.

2. More Living Options

The cost of community retirement can be reduced when you look into government programs, sell the home, and avail yourself of all possible economic help. Even a retirement home can help with the sale of your home. The community you chose will also help you find the financial options you need.

So if we put the finances aside for a moment, we can look at one of the best benefits of retirement living, the ability to choose from a broad range of places to live. You can move to an area closer to friends and family.

You can choose low subsidized retirement housing options or in some cases look at retirement communities within a certain area. Many of these options are not too expensive. You might even consider continuing care retirement communities which are a blend of independent and assisted living.

3. New Friends

Low income retirement living options can also offer more social activities. Senior living centers always plan activities such as games, classes, interesting visitors, and conferences. This helps alleviate the isolation and depression an older person can feel. Retirement communities offer a lot of social interaction - from communal dining areas, to activities and clubs. This offers a more ideal setting than sitting at home alone and watching TV all day.

4. Don’t Make a Permanent Decision Right Away

Deciding on a particular retirement community right away can seem overwhelming. It is a big decision, but in many communities, you don’t have to make the decision right away. Many senior living communities allow you to try out the living situation for a short period of time first. This gives the senior a better sense of whether it is the right living space.

It is always best to explore your different options and learn about the different low-income options available to the senior person. This allows you and your family to make the decision that best suits your needs.