Building Your Own Website

Multiple ways to build your own website are available now. Read ahead for an informative guide on building your own website in 2021.

Any person doing business of almost any kind in 2021 needs a quality online presence. Professional web designers are highly talented and skilled but can also be expensive. High-quality services provided by professional website builders are almost always worth the prices they charge. Those prices might not be affordable for you, especially if you are just starting your business.

Numerous ways to build your own website are available now. How do I build my own website? How much should I spend to build a website on my own? DIY website building programs today vary in complexity from basic to challenging. Some are designed to merely create website landing pages. Others have multiple layers of programming and page layout capabilities. Read ahead for an informative guide on building your own website in 2021.

Benefits of Owning a Website

People in the U.S. doing business in 2021 need a quality online presence to succeed. Leading into 2020, American residents were already becoming highly reliant upon online services of multiple types. The COVID-19 pandemic helped cement this virtual reality for America and the world in general. Online presence, growth opportunity, viewer expansion and the navigation of the new COVID-19-created virtual reality existence are all major benefits of owning a website today.

Online Presence

Online presence is the primary benefit of owning a website today. Gone are the days of most people relying on printed newspapers and other forms of media for news, entertainment, sales events notices, apartment rentals, automobile/retail purchases and more. Without an online presence in 2021 your business might be barely visible or even not located by potential customers at all. What is another reason an online presence is crucial in 2021? If your brand and/or your business do not have a website today, the high majority of U.S. consumers will rapidly move on to another brand or business that does.

Growth Opportunity

Owning a website provides tremendous growth opportunity for your business and brand. You might be a local business or even a new music producer who is hot on a regional scene. How are people in Berlin, Germany going to hear your music? How would potential antique customers in Canada know about the new furniture you now have available for sale? Using SEO marketing, Google Analytics and other online techniques is a perfect way to get your business in front of new customers around the world fast.

Viewer Expansion

Viewer expansion is another incredible asset pursuant to owning a website today. What is viewer expansion? Customers initially find you online because of your website. After making one or more successful purchases, your customers develop a loyalty to your brand. Once this happens your customers are highly likely to share their opinions of your products on other websites such as Trustpilot, Angie’s List, and more. Social Media is another great viewer expansion tool. What are the most popular social media viewer expansion-generating options available today?

COVID-19 & the New Virtual Reality Existence

COVID-19 happened, is still happening and there is no going back. Schools adapted to online learning. Many people in the U.S. learned to enjoy working from home. Even doctor and physical therapy appointments are conducted online in a new virtual reality type of existence in 2021. The occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the need for businesses and brands to own a website and maintain a constant online presence to succeed. 

Benefits of DIY Website Building

The benefits of DIY website building are related largely to finances and control over your image and online presence. Professional web designers possess specific talents/skills but are also frequently expensive. Building your own website is affordable when utilizing one of the many popular monthly subscription-based website building programs available today.

Building your own website removes the presence of a middleman from creative and other decisions. It allows you to control how your business and brand are presented without the need to consult with or rely on an outside party to make it happen. Do you need picture uploaded or text changes made on your home page? When you build your own website with DIY website building tools you can make this happen fast without waiting on another person to reply and/or get the job done.

DIY Website Building Tips & How-To’s

Several important tips and how-to’s are essential to understand prior to building your own website. Building a website involves uploading images, text content, music files and even creating an online store. Uploading a picture to a website is more complicated than simply attaching a photo to an email. The first tip for DIY website building is to thoroughly research, study and comprehend all user manuals and tutorials provided by the website building program or tool you are using. Additional tips and how-to’s for DIY website building include:

  • Start small & build slowly.

  • Build intelligently & intuitively (don’t out build your customer or income growth rate).

  • Navigation windows should be easy to find, simple to use & as short as possible.

  • Keep your audience/customers in mind at all times.

  • Maintain brand integrity.

  • Create a logo and URL name.

  • Purchase your URL.

  • Do not launch your site before it is fully ready.

  • Make certain your website translates to mobile phones, tablets & other devices.

  • Purchase the best website design tool/subscription plan with the lowest costs to you (expansion is possible in the future, but it makes no sense to outspend your income when first starting out).

  • Keep a regular schedule to handle website updates, check for text errors & research customer feedback/analytics.

Top Website Building & Design Programs Today

Top DIY website building & design programs are available for you today. The best website building tools offer a combination of affordably, user-friendly functionality, intuitive creativity and more. Many offer free basic services or introductory pricing. Most are also subscription based at affordable prices. Top website building & design programs available today include: