Psoriasis: The Importance of Having a Physician

Psoriasis is one of those auto immune diseases that is observable. It can cause complications, redness, scaliness, tightness of the skin, burning and itching. Another problem is that it is chronic, which makes it hard to deal with. It can make the sufferer disabled for awhile, as complications can set in. There are so many factors involved, and two of them are heredity and environment- apart from that, we are not sure what causes this skin disease.

According to recent stats more than 8 million Americans have this problem. It is not just an American skin problem, but worldwide. It attacks the immune system about the same rate for males or females. Roughly 2 to 3 per cent of the global population suffer from this disease. What is really difficult is that at least 10 to 30 per cent of those with this disease, develop another problem. It turns into psoriatic arthritis! This type of arthritis is not only a health detriment but an evident attack on your physiology- not just flakiness and scaling, but outright stiffness of joints and swelling.

Why It's So Important to Have a Physician

There are sufferers with this skin problem who try to treat this disease by themselves. Try not to do that! Always consult a physician. There are several different types of psoriasis and each type has its own specific problematic area. There needs to be a diagnosis involved, so the patient can get better health care. A skin doctor knows a lot more about this problem than the average lay man. Doctors study this faithfully looking for new breakthroughs, testing medications, and trying to prevent further outbreaks.

Doctors know the implications for this problem, and try to keep it under control. What really happens is that you should never neglect this condition. The reason is the flare ups can get progressively worse without medical help. Never feel like visiting a physician is useless. Today doctors can do quite a bit for this condition. There are topical ointments, shampoos for the scalp, pills, and even injections.

Other Treatment Options

Moreover, there is light and photo therapy available. It is true that there is no cure for this skin condition, but treatments have improved greatly. Your health is so important for you not to consult a physician. What you might not know is that the FDA has approved a brand new treatment for mild to severe plague psoriasis! It is a highly effective new way to treat this disease. It is a laser treatment which involves UVB laser light to the affected area.

This is a progressive new treatment because it does not hamper or damage the surrounding skin. If you suffer from this chronic problem you are ready for an improved regimen. The laser treatment lasts for months. It is a pain free treatment, and no drugs are involved. This means your internal organs do not need to ingest medications, and your skin no longer is subject to messy creams or ointments. This new laser treatment is covered my major insurance companies, and is available by prescription! So, this means you must visit your physician to take advantage of this new medical breakthrough. See your doctor immediately. You will be glad you did. Take care of your body and your doctor will be there make your life more livable! That, is jolly good advice!