Keeping Your Office Clean

Keeping your office clean is an important aspect of running your business effectively. Read a guide on keeping your office clean & sanitized in 2021.

Keeping your office sanitized & clean is an important aspect of running your business smoothly and effectively. Your employees deserve the best working environment possible and when they receive it their performances elevate. In turn, production increases, which leads to increased profits and a strong reputation in the industry.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides helpful guidelines regarding the proper cleaning and disinfecting of office & public spaces. Finding the best professional cleaning services near you is easier to do than ever before using reliable online search resources. Read ahead for an informative guide on keeping your office clean and sanitized in 2021.

Importance of Keeping a Clean & Sanitized Office

The importance of keeping a clean and sanitized office cannot be overstated in 2021. COVID-19 changed the way people physically interact and even though restrictions have since diminished, sanitary workspaces are still a priority. A clean office projects professionalism and reflects the way you feel about your employees and business. A sanitized office also displays care and concern for your employee’s health, while simultaneously providing a multitude of other important benefits.

Benefits of a Clean Office

Benefits of a clean office extend beyond showing your employees you care about their wellbeing and the success of your business. Maintaining a clean workspace helps save money by reducing wear-and-tear and carpets, furniture and walls. A clean office projects a level of self-respect and respect for your operation as well. This encourages employees to take their jobs seriously, which in turn increases their quality of production on a daily basis. Health benefits, boosts in employee morale and an improvised customer/client experience are also important benefits reaped from a clean & sanitized office in 2021.

Health Benefits

A clean and sanitized office helps also maintain a healthy staff by eliminating common buildups of germs and bacteria. A healthy staff equates to an at-work, on-time and productive staff. Employees take bathroom breaks and - even when careful to wash their hands in accordance with CDC guidelines - bring germs and bacteria back to their desks. Germs and bacteria are also transported to common areas/items such as break rooms, lunchrooms, the printer and/or water cooler. 

Employees also track dirt, dust, motor oil and other unsanitary materials from outside each time they enter the office. Cleaning/sanitizing carpets, computer keyboards, printers/scanners, telephones, door handles and more helps eliminate the toxins capable of causing employees to become ill and miss time at work. In a world still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the more you protect your employees from adverse health the smoother and more effective your business will operate.

Employee Morale

Employee morale is positively impacted by a clean and sanitized office/work environment. When your employees are sick they either fall behind on daily tasks or miss work entirely. Having to spend extra time catching up on missed work is not an enjoyable experience for any employee, especially ones returning from a bout of poor health. Organized work environments also have a positive effect on individual and group employee mental health. For example, knowing supplies are located in designated spaces and are always in-stock allows staff to feel comfortable they have what they need to do their best work.

Clean and sanitized breakrooms also boost employee morale. Breakroom or kitchen space splattered with old (and possibly moldy) food is discouraging and an obvious health risk. Takings breaks during workdays is an important part of maintaining high employee morale. If your employees know they have a safe, clean and sanitary place to ease their minds, grab lunch and relax while breaking they are happier to be at work. Finally, a clean office projects a sense of professionalism and self-respect. Employees will follow the example you set by maintaining an environment in which they feel proud to work.

Customer/Client Experience

Your customers make or break your business. The success of your operation relies upon the impression and experience your customers/clients have of your company. Keeping your office clean gives a strong impression to anyone looking to give you their business. This is as true for legal offices as it is for dental offices. By displaying pride in your office, customers/clients are more likely to believe your business and applicable products are worthy of their money and time. Medical offices, especially in modern times, must make extra efforts to maintain clean & sanitized offices so patients and staff feel safe at all times. 

CDC Guidelines to a Properly Clean & Disinfected Office

The CDC posts specific guidelines for cleaning/disinfecting your facility as well as cleaning/disinfecting public spaces. The CDC suggests business owners plan/prepare in advance and respond immediately to all cleaning needs. The CDC further suggests a protocol is established for both daily cleaning/maintenance and sanitary emergencies. The essential suggestion is to clean routinely every day but extensively after an outbreak occurs or a staff member gets sick.

Post detailed signs in breakrooms and bathrooms outlining your cleaning protocols and expectations on daily basis for all employees. Create a plan with the help of your human resources department and implement it routinely and as needed for emergencies. Make sure your office is always stocked with necessary cleaning supplies. Properly cleaning and disinfecting your office also requires:

  • Maintaining proper ventilation.
  • Stocking EPA-approved cleaning products/supplies.
  • Taking appropriate precautions when using sprayers, foggers, misters & vaporizers.
  • Hiring a professional office cleaning service for daily, weekly and monthly cleanings. 

Top Nationwide Office Cleaning Services 2021

The usual costs for hiring professional office cleaning services vary based on the size of your office, the location where your building is located and current market service rates. Hiring professional cleaners to clean/sanitize your office allows you to focus on other important operations each day without worrying about the health of your staff. A few of the top nationwide office cleaning services for 2021 include: