When to Hire an Insurance Adjuster

What is an insurance adjuster and should I hire one? Read ahead for an informative guide on when to hire an insurance adjuster today.

Insurance adjusters work in several capacities to investigate, determine the validity and adjust the outcome of an insurance claim accordingly. Some claims are unaltered in any way. Some claims are submitted with errors and require correction. Others are adjusted based on the discovery of conflicting facts. What are the different types of insurance adjusters today? What types of claims do they process?

Insurance adjusters work for an insurance company, for you or independently. Processing claims is a function applicable to any type of insurance adjuster even though different end results are pursued based on the employer/client. What are the benefits of hiring an insurance adjuster? When should I hire an adjuster and how do I find the best one for my claim? Read ahead for an informative guide on when to hire an insurance adjuster today.

Insurance Adjuster - Roles

Insurance adjusters, also referred to as claims adjusters, are hired to work in three primary capacities. Staff, public and independent adjusters all play crucial roles in the processing and outcomes of various types of insurance claims. Each role requires similar techniques/skills although goals for the end results of different claims vary depending on who hires the adjuster.

For example, a staff adjuster works for an insurance company. In addition to processing your claim his or her job also includes investigating its validity/truth and searching for any errors you might have made when filing. Public adjusters work for you and are hired to find evidence in support of your claim. Independent adjusters are brought in as 3rd-party investigators to provide objective evidence and discoveries. Independent adjusters are also sometimes hired by undermanned insurance companies to cover excess caseloads. Adjusters working independently:

  • Sometimes specialize in specific types of insurance.

  • Are required to abide by the same laws & regulations as staff/public adjusters.

  • Are capable of working for insurance companies, claimants & private investigators.

  • Might also be hired by law enforcement to provide case/trial evidence.

Insurance Adjusters – What They Do

The procedure followed by most insurance adjusters is similar to one followed by attorneys. A claim file is created, which is presented to all involved parties as (and when) applicable. The adjuster then confirms the claimant has active insurance and is covered for whatever situation lead to filing the claim. Losses and damages are verified and assessed. Public safety or law enforcement officials might be interviewed for claims filed due to automobile accidents, fires and other specific types of incidents. 

Detailed reports are filed pursuant to all discoveries, interviews and adjuster assessments. Reports include financial information related to damages, medical expenses, repair/replacement costs and more. Reports also commonly include relevant photographs and even videos related to the incident(s). An assessment is then formed regarding claim settlement and the amount of money required to close the case.

Types of Claims Handled by an Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters handle a wide variety of claims. When should I hire an insurance adjuster? Any situation where damage or injury occurs and the claimant or other party involved has insurance coverage requires an adjuster. Insurance adjusters process automobile accident claims. Part of this job is to assess the true cost of damages and another is to determine fault. Insurance adjusters also work on personal injury claims. These types of claims typically involve a great deal of medical records and paperwork/statements from applicable doctors and medical staff. Hire a public insurance adjuster to protect your rights and get real compensatory value for your losses.

Homeowners insurance adjusters process claims made due to fires, water damage, lightning strikes, home invasions/robberies and more. When an adjuster is hired by a private investigator it is usually to determine if the claimant is lying about or faking any aspects of his or her claim. Additional types of claims handled by an insurance adjuster include:

  • Catastrophic disaster (CAT).

  • Hail/weather-related.

  • Clean-up/appeal (usually as a 2nd or replacement adjuster when the result of an initial claim is unsatisfactory or denied).

  • Day (daily mishaps, vandalism, assaults, damages to public property, etc.)

  • Workers compensation.


Benefits provided by hiring an insurance adjuster are heavily related to the type of claim filed and the person/organization filing the claim. While some benefits are applicable across the board, others are much more specific to the case/hirer. General benefits are often more helpful to individual claimants suffering from injuries or personal/property-related losses. For example, an adjuster understands insurance laws and regulations. An adjuster also understands due process. If you are injured in a car accident or other situation it is highly beneficial to have an insurance adjuster help you understand your policy and properly file your claim. Public insurance adjusters also save you time, expedite your claim, protect your rights and get you fair financial value.

Sometimes the work of an adjuster does not work out in favor of the claimant. For example, a staff workers compensation adjuster is tasked with undermining cases made by injured workers. His or her job is literally to save the insurance company money by reducing payouts in any way legally possible. Therefore insurance adjusters provide benefits to all sides and parties involved in claims even if those benefits are sometimes conflicting.

Find an Insurance Adjuster Today

It is easier than ever to find an insurance adjuster for your needs in 2021. Private and government-sponsored resources and directories are all available online. Resources are also available in each U.S. states. For example, insurance.ca.gov helps you find insurance adjusters in California. The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) provides helpful resources for Texas residents and the New York State Department of Financial Resources (DFI) offers online directories for people living in New York. Additional private & government-sponsored resources/directories for finding insurance adjusters today include: