Finding a Flexible Job

Need a new job that allows flexibility? Check out this top list to find a great, flexible job that also pays well.

More people than ever before are searching for flexible jobs online. Such a job can offer part-time and/or flexible schedules, remote working opportunities, and either project or freelance work. Having a degree of flexibility in your work greatly enhances your quality of life as well as your job satisfaction. 

So how is the flexible job market faring these days? Actually, there are various reasons why flexible work is so sought after right now, including the post-pandemic changes many companies are making. There are flexible jobs available for both skilled and unskilled workers, in many interesting fields. Here are some of the top paying jobs that are also very flexible.

What Exactly is a Flexible Job?

It is important to understand the exact definition, so you can see whether this type of role would be something for you. 

The term refers to any job offering flexibility regarding where, when, and how the work will be done. These are some examples of roles which would be considered as flexible:

  • Full- or part-time remote jobs, such as working from home or telecommuting.

  • Jobs with alternative working hours or flexible schedules.

  • Contract or freelance work. 

Which Career Fields are Covered? 

If you are thinking about finding flexible work, you might like to discover which fields have the most opportunities. These are the top 10 flexible job career fields:

  1. Sales 

Sales professionals are required by most companies to increase revenue as well as improve the customer base. If you have great interpersonal abilities and enjoy interacting with others, a sales job such as networking, managing relationships or generating leads might be a good fit for your skillset. 

  1. IT and Computing

Covering everything from website maintenance and PC repair to internet security, IT work often includes the provision of in-house support for various computer systems. Flexible workers in the IT field will need to be knowledgeable and qualified. Industries seeking flexible computing staff include cloud solutions, digital marketing, healthcare, education, business consulting, and information security.

  1. Health and Medical

Social workers, case managers, administrators, and medical professionals are just some of the roles in the medical sector open to flexible workers. Such work can be related to public health, lifestyle management, health administration, health information services, regulatory bodies, and ethics.

  1. Finance and Accounting

These careers typically entail accounts payable and receivable, tax preparation assistance, financial data processing, and more. Many finances professionals work in positions helping customers with bill payment, collections and accounting records. 

  1. Account Management

These roles tend to involve the coordination, planning and directing of plans and programs designed to meet an organization’s objectives. An account manager works closely with customers to assist them with their goals, keeping them within the budget. Other names for account managers include account executives, sales representatives, account representatives, client managers, and program assistants.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service workers interact with customers on the phone, via email or IM, or in person, to ensure they are satisfied with a company’s products or services. People in such a role will serve as the first point of contact for clients who are looking for information or assistance. When an issue arrives, a customer service representative will work to resolve them with a positive attitude and in a timely manner. 

  1. Software Development

Software is playing an ever-larger role in the daily lives of companies and individuals, which is why these jobs are currently in high demand. Professionals in this field will be responsible for software program design as well as working with debugging and testing software.

  1. Marketing

A marketing professional will educate potential customers on relevant products and services offered by the company. Marketing professionals will promote these products using print and digital marketing, for example. They use their excellent interpersonal skills to assist customers in obtaining what they are looking for. Most industries have job opportunities for marketing staff. 

  1. Project Management

Project managers will develop budgets, requirements and schedules for the IT, production projects or development of a company. Project managers coordinate these projects after development via implementation, working with clients both internal and external, as well as with consultants, vendors and computer professionals. Potential workers will usually need to have a certification such as Project Management Professional, or PMP, to be considered by potential employers.

  1. Training and Education 

There are plenty of work opportunities in the field of training and education, with many of them offering virtual work environments considering the increased popularity of online training and education. There are support as well as educator roles related to college and university education, K-12 teaching, skill building, professional development, organizational training, and early childhood education.

Why People Want Flexible Jobs 

There are various reasons why flexible work is so much in demand these days. These are the top 4 reasons: 

  • Better work-life balance.

  • Timesaving.

  • Family reasons.

  • Commuting stress. 

These are just some of the motives for people seeking flexible jobs. Others include cost savings, spending time with children and/or pets, gas prices, needing to have a second job, avoiding office politics, environmental reasons, and more. 

How to Find a Flexible Job Online

There are many websites offering flexible jobs, both in the fields described above and others. Some run on a subscription service while others are paid by the employers.

Here are three trustworthy flexible job websites you can use to begin your search: 

  • You might like to look at FlexJobs which is a job seekers’ subscription service with remote and flexible work. The subscription cost ensures all jobs listed are fully verified and vetted. 
  • Another option is Flexa which offers flexible work possibilities in a wide variety of fields. You can narrow down your options not only by field but also by hours, location, pet-friendly, and more. 
  • A third possibility is Appen which allows you to work part-time jobs from anywhere in the world. Their offerings include micro-tasks and data collection as well as part-time or long-term projects.

As flexible work becomes more and more in demand, it is likely that more companies will offer flexible roles. 

Flexibility gives workers a certain amount of freedom and control, as well as tailoring the working environment to the worker’s requirements and preferences. Not only is this beneficial for workers but also for the companies hiring flexible workers since they will usually have happier staff which leads to increased productivity.