Corporate Training for Employees

Employee corporate training prepares new hires for working with your business. Learn more about choosing the best corporate training programs.

Selecting a new employee is a challenging process. When you are going through applications you must not only consider the qualifications of each applicant, but also how much training he or she needs. Even the most skilled employee requires some level of training to learn how things operate in your company versus their previous places of employment. In the past, corporate training was a more time-consuming process, but in 2022, training is greatly streamlined thanks to online corporate training programs.

Corporate training programs focus on teaching employees all the skills they need to perform their job. It covers several skills, explaining what is expected of them at your business. The training also includes options to sharpen important workplace skills. Corporate training programs also give employees an opportunity to transition into their new job, getting comfortable with their new position. Corporate training programs are often split into multiple parts, with each focusing on a different skill or area.

Benefits of Corporate Training

There are numerous benefits of employing corporate training programs for new employees. For most businesses, the most appealing feature is reduced training costs. In the past, new employees needed to be trained directly by an existing employee, typically HR or a manager. Other businesses tried to automate the process by using a corporate training video. While these were effective, it was still a difficult process to make a video. Videos also require updating every few years to reflect new company policy.

While updates are still necessary, online corporate training programs are significantly easier and quicker to update, without any massive overhead costs. Most online corporate training uses prerecorded videos, but there are other options that include live training programs using a virtual classroom. Many corporate training software includes templates to help you craft lessons.

Other corporate training programs contain lessons you can download, either to act as standalone programs or to incorporate into your custom program. These programs are often focused on common workplace tasks that apply to any industry, such as leadership training, effective time management, solving disputes with other employees and general compliance training.

For larger companies, there are additional benefits to using online corporate training programs. If you create the same standardized program used throughout all your locations, it becomes easier to transfer employees or work through different branches. All your employees are already familiar with general procedures, so there is less of a learning period for your workers.

Another use of corporate training programs is tracking employee progress. This is frequently used for more complex jobs that require lengthier training programs. Through the training software, managers can search through employee profiles to see what lessons or videos each employee watched. If any of the training programs include tests or similar materials, managers can view the results to monitor the progress of all participants.

Not only does this give managers an indication when they need to step in, but it can highlight areas of the training program that need work. For example, if most employees keep struggling to complete a specific video or get passing marks on a test, it is worth reevaluating that section of training to see how it can be improved.

Corporate Training Considerations

There are a variety of corporate training options available for businesses. Some corporate training programs focus on specific industries, but most are generic enough to apply towards any industry. When selecting a program, make sure to prioritize accessibility. Choose a program that is available on multiple platforms, such as computer, phones, and tablets. This makes it easier for your employees to access the programs at their own hand and focus on the material.

With online programs, user interface is an important consideration. This not only applies to what your employees see, but also the interface to create custom programs. If you want to make your own training, customization is an important feature. It is also a good idea to prioritize programs with plenty of templates and prerecorded material to speed up the creation process.

The more personalized the program, the better. You also want to include elements that let both you and your employees track progress. Some businesses make the mistake of excluding quizzes and similar material because they do not want to overwhelm new employees. However, having this material is beneficial for new employees, boosting their confidence when they can complete the lessons, making them feel ready for the job. It also gives your managers an active way to track progress and learn more about each new hire’s work progress.


BeaconLive is a cloud-based corporate training program with a wide range of customization options. In addition to hosting videos, you can also create webinars, webcasts and even organize live virtual events with other branches. Because everything is stored on the cloud, you do not have to worry about server space for your training material. It is also easily accessible for new employees, if they have a reliable internet connection.

Another useful aspect of BeaconLive is the ability to incorporate accreditation and certification training into the lessons. This is especially helpful if there is a list of programs new employees must complete before they officially join your workforce. As of writing, there is no free trial for BeaconLive’s services, and you must request a custom quote from the company.


Udemy is a popular program because it contains a wide range of user created material, which makes it easy to assemble corporate training programs using templates and other material. Through the business platform, you can download content and add it directly into your training program. There are a wide range of certification classes, but your employees must still take any official licensing tests required by your state. As of writing, there are over 17,000 courses to choose from, along with the ability to make your own lessons. A basic plan costs $360 each year and supports up to 20 users.


Docebo has a wide selection of templates and prerecorded training lessons to choose from. What makes Docebo stand out is how often the lessons are updated. The platform uses a learning algorithm to track the process of all users, updating the lessons as needed based on user input. If you decide to make your own programs, Docebo is fully customizable. It also has a wide range of languages available, which is great for international businesses. Because it has a wide range of options, it is one of the pricier options. You must contact Docebo for a quote but can expect to pay around $1,500 to $2,000 each year.

iSpring Learn

iSpring offers several corporate resources, with Learn being the training program. It has an easy to learn interface, relying largely on dragging and dropping to craft your own lessons, letting you directly upload files, images, and videos into your training program. It is popular among smaller businesses because of the pricing model. Instead of charging by total users, you pay a free based on how many user slots you want available. For up to 100 users, it is $3.66 per user, or $2.82 for 500 maximum users. Larger options are available with a custom quote.