Finding the Best Laptop Deal

Is it time to replace your computer? Use these tips to find the best deal on the laptop you need.

There are many reasons you may want a laptop. Maybe you are tired of having a desktop computer only. You might also want a laptop specifically for travel or on-the-go use. Alternatively, you may use a laptop as your primary computer and want to upgrade from your current model or replace a laptop you had that broke down. Whatever your reason is, a laptop is a major purchase you cannot enter into lightly. 

The market is flooded with laptops today. You can find them in different sizes and configurations. They have varying features and limitations. Some cost hundreds of dollars. Others cost thousands. However, they all have something in common. You do not have to pay top dollar for them. There are many ways for you to save money while getting all of the features you want your laptop to have. You only need a little planning and patience to avoid breaking your budget. Here are some tips to help you find the best laptop deal.

Shop Early

Sometimes replacing a broken computer on short notice is unavoidable, but when you can avoid shopping at the last minute you should. One of the best ways to save money on a laptop is to shop before you need to do so. If you feel like your old computer is too outdated or is slowing down, do not wait for it to stop working entirely. Give yourself time to actually hunt for the best deals on laptops. That way you do not have to buy a laptop you do not really want or your ideal laptop at too high a cost.

Identify the Features You Want

Laptops have many features these days, but you do not need to have all of them. A laptop with every available feature costs far more than you probably want to spend. Narrowing down the list can shave hundreds of dollars off of the cost. Here are some top laptop features to consider:

  • USB Port Type (A or C) and Amount

  • Screen Resolution

  • RAM

  • Graphics Card Type

  • Processor

  • Operating System

Wait for Seasonal Specials and Known Scheduled Sales

Take advantage of seasonal specials to get the best price on the laptop of your dreams. There are two times of year when laptop deals routinely occur. One is July through August, which is when children are preparing to return to school. The other occurs from November through December. You can also take advantage of known scheduled sales held by major retailers. For example, Amazon Prime Day occurs every year. It always includes deals on computers and computer parts. Purchasing your laptop during a special sale event like that makes every dollar stretch without sacrificing product quality.

Look for Clearance Sales

Clearance sales on laptops occur often. Companies use clearance sales to sell inventory when they have extra laptops in stock. They also often use clearance sales to attract more customers and encourage additional sales of other products. Brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers like Best Buy and Amazon frequently offer laptop clearance sales. You can also find them on the websites for many of the top laptop manufacturers. Those manufacturers include Lenovo, HP, or Dell.

Consider an Older Laptop Model

There is a common misconception that laptops suddenly become ancient and useless as soon as the next model is released. Do not make the mistake of thinking you need the laptop that came out this year. Last year's model may meet your needs perfectly fine. One truth of buying an older model that you can take advantage of is it is almost always reduced in price as soon as the new model is released. 

Buy a Refurbished Laptop

Another misconception about laptop shopping is that a laptop that was previously owned or once broken is untrustworthy. In reality, a refurbished laptop is quite reliable, as long as you get it from a reliable source. For example, factory refurbished laptops undergo vigorous testing before they are resold. They also often come with warranties, which typically last between one and three years. 

You may also opt to purchase a custom refurbished laptop. Custom refurbishment means the laptop is reassembled using parts you select. By ordering a custom laptop made from used parts you can save a lot of money. You also have the security of knowing exactly which parts are going into your new computer. In some cases, you can even request alterations to your custom refurbished laptop over time, such as when you want an upgrade at a later time. 

When purchasing a refurbished laptop, make sure it comes with a warranty. Also, prepare for the laptop to have some minor imperfections. For example, it may have some superficial scratches on the outside. It may not look shiny and new, but you do not have to worry about any imperfections impacting how it runs, as long as it is under warranty.

Do Some Upgrades Yourself

If you are tech savvy, another way to get a deal on a laptop is to buy a basic model. Then buy some parts to upgrade it with separately and install them yourself. Purchasing your own RAM, video card, or other parts separately allows you to shop around for the best deals on individual components. That can help you maximize your total savings on your laptop purchase. Although, it does take time to shop around for each individual part you need. It also takes some extra time to perform the installations yourself. 

Choose Your Laptop Purchasing Method Wisely

A final tip is to choose your laptop purchasing method wisely. A laptop is a large purchase, even if you are finding a deal. Since you have to spend quite a bit of money on it, use a credit or debit card that gives you perks. You may not save on the laptop itself that way, but if you get points you can exchange for gift cards or airline miles for your purchase you save in other ways later. In addition, you can often qualify for rebates on your purchase after the fact.